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More about 100rabh

I am also known as Saurabh Minni.

I am a generalist, have design and coded from Assembly, C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Dart, Flutter, Android and tried a lot more. Previously worked at Adobe, Intuit. Currently building at Google.

Some of the notable apps where I have contributed to are :

I have also written a book, Apache Kafka Cookbook back in 2015

Current Cordinates

Stuck somewhere in the traffic of Bangalore, India. Having said that, I still love

Bullish about

From the tech perspective I believe that things keep on evolving and they evolve faster than what you think they are. So I do not tie myself to tech, but to solutions. But I do feel, there is a lot to be done for solar electricity and rural India.

Current working on

If I tell you, I will have to kill you. Just kidding, I am currently working on Google Assistant at work

I also keep myself busy with writing small apps for my kids to play and learn. You can try the following apps I made for my kids. Use at your own risk. No guarantees or warranties

  • - Animated Kids Editor
  • - Sudoku for kids
  • What do I want to build

    Big plans to make a difference to the world. Current focus is on rural India. I wonder if somehow I could make an impact in the lives of folks there. This is a bigger conversation which I have penned in this blog post. Currently I am in search of a problem which I can solve.